Is it enough that i go to gym if i want to be a Navy pilot someday?

asked June 28, 2013 in Health Topics

I just turned fourteen. I have always wanted to be a pilot in the navy, but i dont know how to prepare myself for the future. I'd appreciate some guidance. I just want to know if It'll help me if i stick with it.

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Answer from Anonymous

You will need a good education, including a four year college degree. I suggest studies that are heavy in mathematics and physics. You do need to be physically fit and must have 20/20 vision. I suggest that you go see a Navy recruiter as soon as possible. They can help you start planning now, and put you in touch with Navy officers who have been there, done that, to give you advice. You are wise to begin planning your future at age 14. Good luck. I hope you make your dream come true.

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    Thank you so much for the advice. I'll make sure to keep everything you've disclosed in mind when im trying to prepae for this.

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    You are welcome. Another thing I thought of... check if there is a JrNROTC (Junior Navy Recruit Officer Training Corp) in your area. US Navy pilots must be officers which requires a college degree. Joining JrNROTC at your age puts you on track for becoming a Navy officer.